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5 Advantages of using PTFE/PFA Lined Pipes


Engineering a piping system can be tough especially when dealing with corrosive and harsh chemicals. Metal pipes generally have the structural strength, but lack the chemical resistance while plastic pipes have the chemical resistance but lack the structural strength. With these issues in mind, our PTFE lined piping solutions may be your best option. Here are a few advantages of using PTFE/PFA lined pipes.

1. They are extremely resistant to corrosion

PTFA/PFA is a chemically resistant material. Lining PTFA/PFA inside a steel pipe ensures the piping system to be both chemically resistant and structurally strong.

2. Longer lasting than the average steel pipes

Depending on the chemical and substance flowing through the pipes, piping systems can last for around 3-4 years until it is corroded and unable to function properly. Having to decommission and change the piping system would result in a disruption in operation for a few days. PTFE/PFA lined pipes lasts way longer, reducing the frequency of decommissioning and improving productivity.

3. Allows chemicals to Flow much more smoothly

Ever heard of Teflon cooking pans? Teflon is the trademarked name of PTFE which is used to coat cooking pans to prevent food from sticking to the pan. This property of Teflon allows for easy washing making it one of the most popular innovations in cookware. Using a similar theory, our clients come to us to have their piping systems lined with PTFE when they require a smooth flow of chemical products with minimal residue left in the pipes.

4. High pressure and temperature resistance

Apart from its non-stick and corrosion resistant properties, PTFE is suitable for substances at high pressures and high temperatures which is commonly found in our clients’ industries like oil & gas, pharmaceutical, EPC and even personal healthcare and food industries.

5. High permeability resistance

At Almarc, our PTFE liners are made with the highest quality using the paste extruded method which creates a low void content, preventing corrosive substances and particles from permeating through the liner and corroding the metal pipe structure.

Our experts at Almarc are able to design and customise a complete lined piping system based on your requirements. Visit our website at to view our other lined products.