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Minimizing unplanned downtime in the process industry

As the world recovers from the shock of COVID-19 and we move on from MCO, it is more important than ever for manufacturing and production plants to operate at maximum efficiency with minimal problems and unplanned downtimes. With labour and supply chains heavily disrupted, a high quality and efficient production plant would help companies stay afloat and ahead of the game. A high quality, anti-corrosion piping system would be a good place to start building a robust process system with minimal disruptions or downtime.

Corrosion is one of the more apparent problems commonly faced in many process systems, especially those handling highly corrosive chemicals at high temperatures. Such costs of unplanned downtime can include:

  1. Labour required to install the new piping
  2. Purchasing of new materials
  3. Disposal of damaged parts
  4. Reduced production output
  5. Loss of profits
  6. Reduced labour efficiency due to idle time
  7. Additional administrative expenses

The pandemic has also taught us that due to unforeseen circumstances, such unplanned downtimes might be further extended if there is a lack of available manpower or a disruption to the supply of parts to replace the corroded piping sections.

PTFE/PFA Lined pipes and fittings is a high quality alternative to standard pipes or other coated pipes that can easily corrode. PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), also known as Teflon, is well known for its chemically inert nature and low friction coefficient. This makes it a perfect protection to prevent internal corrosion in piping systems and in turn increasing efficiency. Its low friction coefficient is suitable for high purity applications that allows the smooth and fast transfer of liquids while reducing the possibility of blockage. Almarc Engineering has been solving internal corrosion in process systems for over 20 years, and our quality PTFE/PFA lined pipes and fittings have brought back many repeat customers.

Unplanned production downtime is definitely something that can happen anytime even during critical times. Switching to quality PTFE/PFA lined pipes and fittings has been done by many major manufacturers in process industries, and you should too if you are facing the problem of corrosion.

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