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PTFE/PFA Lined Pipes in the Food and Beverage Industry

The food and beverage industry is one that meets the basic needs of humans, which also means that without it, we would all be left foraging for our own meals everyday. The importance of commercially available food and beverages is mandatory to the survival of the human population, especially in this day and age. These production lines are more important than ever, and ensuring that they run smoothly with little to no downtime is extremely crucial.

Our PTFE/PFA Lined pipes, fittings, and hoses have been increasingly adopted by many food and beverage companies to improve and increase their flow and production. Here are some important reasons why PTFE/PFA Lined pipes and fittings are becoming more popular among them:

  1. PTFE and PFA are FDA (Food Drug Administration) approved. Nothing is more important than to ensure the piping system is made of FDA approved materials. 
  2. PTFE and PFA does not retain smell or flavour, ensuring the taste of food and drinks that companies produce are not affected by pipelines at all.
  3. PTFE and PFA has a low friction coefficient and non-stick properties. They are especially popular in hoses where liquids have to be transferred from one point to another!
  4. PTFE/PFA lined pipes combine the mechanical strength of steel and the chemical properties of PTFE/PFA to provide a permanent solution to corrosion and to improve the lifespan of piping systems. 
  5. PTFE/PFA lined pipes are highly cost efficient in the long run. It reduces the frequency of downtime.

­Almarc Engineering has been manufacturing PTFE/PFA lined pipes, hoses and fittings for a variety of industries, and we have seen the food and beverage industry increasingly adopting lined piping systems. Our rich experience of over 20 years allows us to provide the best quality lined pipes and fittings for all our clients.

For more information about our PTFE/PFA Lined Pipes, Hoses and Fittings and how it can be adopted in your piping system, email us at or leave us a message here!